Our Story

Nice to meet you!
We are Luke & Honey Riley.

We wanted everyone to make it,
circumstances made it impossible.

Four of our siblings were leaving for the military in the span of 6 months and we wanted to find a day that worked for everyone. When the dates changed, Honey & I tried to include her sister in the Air Force and my brother in the Army. Unfortunately circumstances made it impossible for them to attend. The best we had were the photographer’s pictures and a windy video-call held up by honey’s mother for her sister. My brother didn’t even have internet access at the time.

This started our journey to founding Nebraska Wedding Films. We were on a tight wedding budget, but later wished we had something for friends and family unable to attend. For Honey & I, everything on the day happened so fast. In the moment it was hard to remember all the special moments through the rush of emotion and stress that everything would go right. Nebraska Wedding Films exists to help you remember and share your wedding.

We’d love to capture your day so you can share and remember it for years to come.
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